Let your guests place orders on their phones with SmartChef
Offer your guests a new contactless service with SmartChef. Now you can receive orders and payments directly from your guests' smartphones.
What do you get?
Serve your guests faster
without losing quality
Service optimisation
SmartChef integrates seamlessly into your restaurant's infrastructure. No special equipment required
Easy set-up solution
Productivity at your fingertips
at any time or place
Intuitive mobile app
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Increase sales

The more guests you can serve, the more profit you can achieve. SmartChef lets you serve your guests faster without losing quality.
Avoid wasting your staff's time
Guests don't feel any time pressure when ordering
Staff optimisation
Increase the productivity of your team. With SmartChef you'll need even fewer staff than before.
Fast table management
Reduce operational costs for waiting staff and order-taking
Understand your guests
SmartChef reports help you find out more about your guests. Manage your guests' preferences to provide the best experience.
Smart Reports
Change your menu without extra cost
Loyalty system
Sign up
Add your menu items
Start taking orders from guests' smartphones
How does SmartChef work?
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Let's move to the new Era of service with SmartChef
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